Good things come in threes, right?3 Things - Michael Gowin

Three wise men. Three Stooges. Triangles.

So I’m introducing a series of posts that will include three things.

They might be three links or three ideas or three thoughts from one thing but the common point will somehow be “three.”

Think of “Three Things” posts as a little more than a tweet but a little less than a full post.

Here are three good business links that came through my feed reader today:

  1. Six-Figure Businesses Built for Less than $100: 17 Lessons Learned – Chris Guillebeau offers this guest post on Tim Ferriss’ blog. Some very practical and unconventional ideas on how to start a business or merely earn some extra money.
  2. Get the “Getting Real” ebook for FREE – The guys at 37signals have built great software, a great business, and a great book (look–three things). Now you can learn their secrets for free (used to be $19).
  3. 20 Revealing Stats, Charts, and Graphs Every Marketer Should Know – Hubspot continually cranks out helpful and insightful tools for marketers and business folks. This post joins the list.

That’s the first of Three Things. More to come. Be sure to share.