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My Students Do Good Work

I received this note today from another professor at LCU:

Michael: Just a note to let you know that I was at a Chamber of Commerce Gov/Ed committee meeting this morning and your Business Program was saluted by [the Chamber director] for the fine graduates you are producing (including her last three assistants). Following our meeting, the director of our local CIEDA asked for your name/contact number for possible candidates; she is a former business prof. at ISU. Bottom line: Your department is getting rave reviews in the community. Thanks to you and Eric [my colleague] for your outstanding work!  It is making a difference in our community!

Something I Saw: Quadruplets

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Quadruplets. Camera: Olympus PEN E-P3. Lens: Panasonic 20mm f/1.7.

They must be related to the twins.

How to Get Ahead of All Your Peers (Some Advice for College Grads)

You’ve probably seen the numbers that reading is in decline: 42% of college graduates never read another book after they finish school. Ironic, since there are now more books published each year than ever before and the number continues to grow.

So if you’re about to graduate from college, what should you read if you’re in the smarter 58%? Here are three recommendations:

Once you finish those, if you’re in business (or plan to be), then take a look at Josh Kaufman’s Personal MBA Reading List.

You may want to grab a Kindle and read some literature as well. Many classic titles are free and they will enrich your imagination, conversation, and creativity. I’m reading Moby Dick on mine.

A Great Offer for New Graduates

If you’re about to graduate from college and you’re looking for a job, you’ll need a way to stand out. Finding a job is really about marketing: getting a prospective employer to know, like, and trust you and showing how you’re different.

How are you going to do that?

One way is with your business card.

No, not with a plain white card like everyone else’s. Something snazzy.

Fortunately for you, Moo–makers of some of the snazziest business cards ever–is offering a 20% discount to students through December 12, 2012.

Get your Moo cards here.

I use Moo MiniCards for both my photography and consulting businesses. Every time I hand them out, people say, “Cool–I’ve never seen a card like that.”


Something I Saw: Every Women Needs Flowers

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Every Women Needs a Bundle of Flowers. Camera: Olympus PEN E-P3. Lens: Panasonic 20mm f/1.7.

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