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Month: August 2012

How to Give a Better Presentation — Tons of Tips

Most presentations are boring–no argument.

But can you market yourself and your business (or project or organization) with a better approach to presenting?

I think so.

In one of my other lives, I do presentation design and consulting with my business partner, Deanne Mott. Today we’ve released our new eBook, Presentation Renovation. In this 80+ page guide, you’ll learn how to create better messages, design slides that don’t look like boring PowerPoint templates, and how to deliver with confidence.

Great presentations really aren’t about the slides; they’re about connecting with your audience. Strong leaders and communicators know that, and it’s our goal to help you do better.

The book is on sale this week at 43% off–just $4. You can find the discount code here. We’d love for you to make better presentations (and so would your audience).

FREE Dallas Willard eBook – Today ONLY

A quick FYI: Amazon has the Kindle version of Dallas Willard’s Renovation of the Heart on sale for $0.00 today only (August 20, 2012).

Get it from Amazon.

Four Skills College Grads And New Freshmen Need to Succeed

College grads have been out of school for a few months while scores of new freshmen are headed to campuses to begin their journeys.

If you’re among those freshmen, how should you spend your time? Where should you invest your energy?

Besides your regular classwork focus on these four things:

  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Setting goals
  • Building relationships
Learn to do those and you’ll have a far better chance of finding yourself employed in four years (or next summer or for your internship or…).


Time Management for College Students (Fall 2012)

Today I’m sharing some time management ideas with students at Lincoln Christian University. Here are some additional resources and here’s the slidedeck from my talk:

Success = Learning

And to this I say, “Amen.”

Hat tip: Observation Paper

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