3 Things - Michael GowinIf you want to get noticed, if you have an idea you want to spread, blogging is a great way to do it.

I think this is true if you own a business, lead a nonprofit, teach, or take classes in college. Blogging will hone your writing skills (strong communication skills are always in demand) and give you a platform to share your passion and expertise.

Here are three things, then, on blogging.

Not Having a Blog is Not an Option – This guest post by Joel Libava on John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing Blog lays out the compelling benefits for any business or organization to start blogging. If you’re a freelancer, the case for showing your expertise on your blog is even stronger. Are you a student? Do you hope to get hired some day? Start blogging about the things that interest you and that also intersect with things employers care about.

How I Blog – John Jantsch recently shared the approach that he’s used for his hugely successful Duct Tape Marketing Blog.

15 Resources for Pro Bloggers (Or Those Who Want to Be) – Michael Hyatt’s list of essential tools for anyone who wants to get serious about blogging. He also gives insight into his approach and process, similar to John Jantsch.