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Month: October 2012

What is School For?

A few months back Seth Godin released his manifesto Stop Stealing Dreams, a look at the role of school in the life of our students and our economy. It’s interesting and provocative and it’s free–download it here.

The book will take you a couple hours to read and I think some good discussions should come from it.

Seth gave a presentation recently that reveals the major points of the book. The preso is less than 20 minutes and, again, worth your consideration.

Kind Words from a Former Student

One of my former business students at LCU sent this note to my colleague and me today. Context: she graduated a couple years ago and has recently been working at a large corporation in the Midwest.

I’m always grateful to learn that what we do is helpful.

Hello Business Professors of mine—

I just felt the need to write you two and thank you for preparing me and training me for the professional business world. Every day at my company I am reminded of how important my education was. I see emails with common, careless grammar mistakes. I see unprofessional email styles. I see other co-workers in the same position as me coming in late to meetings with leadership, complaining about their work in front of people who could give them a step up the ladder, etc. I am so thankful that I had professors who challenged us, gave us advice for the business world, and prepared us to be DIFFERENT! Leadership notices. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope all is well with the two of you! I am learning so much at my company. Tell those students of yours that I said, “Listen up! These professors know what they are talking about!”

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