Like me, you’re probably spinning a lot of plates. Everyone’s busy. When you run into someone you know and ask how they’re doing, you usually hear, “Oh, we’re busy. Really busy.” And you probably say it, too.

Is that a good thing? To be “busy”?

I’m not so sure.

At the beginning of August, I heard Bob Goff speak at the Global Leadership Summit. Bob is a nut–seriously. Check out his book, Love Does, and you’ll see what I mean. But he does some really cool things because he loves Jesus and loves other people.

At the Summit, Bob mentioned that he quits something every Thursday. Why? To make more space in his life to do important things.

This seemed like a neat idea to me so I’ve started quitting things every Monday. Here’s what I’ve quit so far:

  • Going to bed after 11:00 PM
  • Complaining about things I can’t control or influence
  • Participating in my church’s worship ministry until December

Does that last one seem… weird? Here’s the deal: I’ve got an overly full plate this fall. In October I’ll be traveling four times and one of my sons will have surgery at the end of the month. The church can find someone else to play guitar on Sunday mornings, but no one else can stand in to be a husband and father for my wife and kids.

So I’m quitting the worship ministry for a few months. There are more important things at stake and I need the margin to do them.

What could you quit every week to make more margin in your life for what’s important?