A lesson on the exposure triangle for students at Lincoln Christian University - Michael Gowin

At Lincoln Christian University this semester, I’m working with three students who want to learn more about photography. At least three factors have lead to this:

  • We don’t have a full-time photography instructor (or even a part-time one, for that matter)
  • I run a photography business in my hours outside of LCU
  • I’m a business professor

So we put together an independent study course called “Business of Photography” and teach the students some of the fundamentals of photography (their first assignment was to read their camera’s instruction manual–something a lot of people never do) as well as good business practices if they hope to do it for love and money some day.

They’ve started photographing people and are working through the math of exposure (math in photography? wha…?) with the exposure triangle. That’s what’s on my office whiteboard in the photo above.

I’m looking forward to watching them grow in their knowledge and skills. I’ll share more here as the semester continues.