5657236729_727b9b81e9You’re stuck–I get it.

You’re in school or you’re out of school and you’re stuck. You don’t know what to do with your life, and it seems like everyone else has it figured out. They’re all on the fast track and you’re still in the pits but there’s no crew to get you fueled up and change the wheels.

Here’s the truth: they don’t have it figured out, even the ones who look “successful.”

How do I know?

I’ve read their stories.

Ryan and Tina Essmaker have created a wonderful journal/blog of inspiring interviews with creative people who’ve influenced them. I’ve just discovered it myself and have read the interviews of some of my faves: photographer Zack Arias, entrepreneur/author/marketer Seth Godin, and productivity guru/podcaster/funny guy Merlin Mann.

In these three stories alone, there’s a singular common thread: failure. All three have tried and failed–a lot. But they’ve kept trying and their persistence, plus some good mentors and heroes along the way, have helped them get unstuck and put them in places to do cool things.

The interviews are long–they’re not tweets or status updates–and it’ll take you maybe 20-30 minutes to get through one. But the payoff is worth it. The subjects share what was hard for them, what their days are like, how they continue to do what they do.

You might find that they’re not that different from you.

Check out The Great Discontent.

Photo Credit: bolandrotor via Compfight cc