I’ve got a new batch of photography students at LCU this semester. They’re working through some difficult learning exercises: how to really use their cameras (instead of letting the camera make all the decisions), choosing lenses appropriately, finding and working with light. They’re making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. While I can see a significant improvement in their photographs in just a few weeks, the process can be discouraging because we often think things come so easily for others.

Here’s the truth: nothing is easy.

You want to get better? It’s going to take hard work and time.

And it’s not just photography. It’s everything: any creative work (writing, painting, music), business, learning, parenting, relationships–everything.

It’s hard for them, it’s hard for me.

I’m taking a photography class right now and had a still life assignment this past week. I mostly photograph people, not stuff. AND THE ASSIGNMENT WAS REALLY HARD FOR ME.

Nothing is easy. It takes time and effort.

But there’s a payoff.

Put in the time, put in the effort, do the reps. And you’ll get better.

There’s no shortcut.