UPDATE: Rob’s talk is now online–watch it here.

What’s the purpose of college?

As a parent, what do you hope your child gains from four (or more…) years of higher education? Are you concerned about the cost? Are you concerned that the moral/ethical foundation you’ve helped your son or daughter establish over 18 years will last once they leave home?

My friend and colleague at Lincoln Christian University, Dr. Rob Maupin, spoke to a group of parents at Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis on Tuesday to discuss these issues. Rob dispelled several common myths about college (hint: college is NOT job training) and then offered suggestions for the parents to help their students prepare for success in their 20s and beyond.

Rob teaches in the Intercultural Studies department at LCU. You can follow him on twitter at @MaupinRob or check out his brand new blog and web site at RobMaupin.com. If you’d like to book Rob to speak to your parents, youth group, or consult with your church leaders, just drop him a line.