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Bad Writing #001

NOTE: This is the first in an indeterminate number of posts that exemplify bad writing. I’m writing this one; I may feature the bad writing of others as well. Who knows? This may be the first and last Bad Writing post. If you’d like your bad writing featured here, shoot me an email.

I came up with this while I was washing dishes last night. Caveat lector.

It had been a cold winter; a long, cold winter; the kind of long, cold winter that filled her with longing.

As she sat alone in her dark, cold living room, she would often daydream longingly, longing for the warm days of summer; the long, warm days of summer–the kind of long, warm summer days that she knew would satisfy her longing.

And one question haunted her as she sat alone in her dark, cold living room, the winter daylight fading into moribund twilight–the singular question at the center of her longing:

How long will this winter last?

Free summary of Dan Pink’s “To Sell Is Human”

Dan Pink - To Sell Is Human - reviewed by Michael Gowin

Last year I participated on the launch team for Dan Pink’s nifty new book To Sell Is Human (Amazon link). As a member of the launch team, I received a galley copy to review. Dan makes the convincing case that everyone is in sales now, and he shows you how to navigate the new world of sales. I think it’s an outstanding book.

I created a 16-page summary of the book, which I passed along to the other members of the launch team and now use as a handout for my students at Lincoln Christian University. The students in my Marketing II class are reading TSIH as a textbook this semester.

The summary is available as a Google Doc here. Print yourself a copy then make sure you get Dan’s bestselling book.

Want more business? Tell a story.

If you’ve got something to sell, you can describe the features and benefits. That’s the classic marketing approach.

But if you really want to have prospects line up at your door, tell a story.

This property listing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, (video above) does just that.


Connect with customers and prospects by using content–videos, blog posts, white papers/reports, pictures–that tells stories. You’ll reach more people and separate your business from your competitors.

This is the approach I use in my photography business and it’s the approach I teach to my students at Lincoln Christian University.

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