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Month: April 2014

Dan Pink “Guest Lectures” at Lincoln Christian University

Dan Pink "guest lectures" at Lincoln Christian University

Reading good books is a great way to learn and improve your life (and the lives of those around you). Getting a chance to chat with a book’s author? Even better.

This semester, business administration students in my Marketing II class at Lincoln Christian University read Dan Pink’s To Sell Is Human, and we thought it would be cool to have a conversation with Dan about the book. I was part of the launch team for TSIH in the fall of 2012 and emailed Dan a few weeks ago to see if he’d be open to Skyping with the class. He agreed and we “met” today for Dan’s guest lecture. Here’s a recording of our conversation.

Dan has written a number of bestselling books that I’ve read and continue to recommend to my students and friends interested in business, work, career, and motivation: A Whole New Mind, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, and Drive.

If you’re interested in learning more about To Sell Is Human, I’ve reviewed it and written a summary that you may find helpful.

Many thanks to Dan for doing what he does and making himself available for LCU students today.


How to Save Yourself $20 Million (and a Lot of Heartache)

Those familiar with the documentary Helvetica will remember the dynamic typography partnership of Tobias Frere-Jones and Jonathan Hoefler. Their typeface Gotham is kinda the new Helvetica–remember the Obama “HOPE” posters? That was Gotham.

Turns out the Hoefler/Frere-Jones partnership, however, may not have been a “partnership” in a strict legal sense.

For 15 years, TFJ claims he was led to believe that their business was a partnership. Hoefler, apparently the more business-minded of the two, disputes that, stating that Frere-Jones was an employee and not a partner. The two have differing opinions on verbal agreements about the nature of their business relationship, but there was evidently no formal partnership agreement in writing. They’ve gone their separate ways and TFJ is now suing Hoefler for $20 million.

It’s a fascinating and sad story.

At the very least, one lesson is this: always get it in writing.

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