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Month: July 2014

Summer Reading: Four (no, Five) Business/Marketing Books I’m Recommending


Since I’m not teaching over the summer, I usually have more time to attack the pile of books that accumulates during the year. It’s not that I don’t have other things to do (like making pictures or running to Ethiopia a couple times), but at least the teaching gig is off my plate for a few weeks.

So far I’ve read four books that you might like:

  • Go Tell It by Jim Killam and Lincoln Brunner. I’ve reviewed it here. Currently the Kindle version is on sale for $1.99–a ridiculous bargain.
  • Launch by Jeff Walker. Normally I’d steer away from a title like this (Internet marketer reveals his biggest secrets! Act now!) but Michael Hyatt recommended it. I’ve been following Michael Hyatt’s blog for years and trust him so I gave the Jeff Walker book a shot. My verdict: it’s solid. Lots of good marketing advice if you have a product idea (or don’t) and want to start or grow an online business.
  • Your First 1000 Copies by Tim Grahl. Tim helps authors do book launches the way Jeff Walker helps business types do product launches. Both Jeff and Tim say the number one thing you can do to grow your business/book: build your email list. Even if you’re not an author (yet), the advice in Tim’s book is very similar and complementary to what you’ll find in Jeff’s book.
  • Platform by Michael Hyatt. I’ll admit I was a bit of a dummy on this one. Michael offered a great package of pre-launch incentives with the book and I didn’t bite. So now, two years later, I’m finally buying it and reading it. Again, some similarities to the other two books I just mentioned but a bit more breadth and a little more hand-holding for beginners. Michael is writing to authors, creatives, and others who want to sell a book, idea, or product, and he gives tons of practical recommendations.

I also started The Poverty of Nations by economist Barry Asmus and theologian Wayne Grudem but gave it away to a friend, so I’ll need to get another copy. The book offers a comprehensive but concise overview of the reasons why some countries prosper and others languish in poverty, making dozens of practical policy recommendations that will help elevate those countries.

The book is written at a high level–the policy recommendations need to be implemented at a national level for real change to take place–but there’s a lot of learning here for those who’d like to join the conversation. One takeaway: that Fair Trade coffee you’re buying? It’s not helping anyone become less poor.

What’s on your summer reading list?

Buy This Book: “Go Tell It” on Sale for $1.99


The Kindle version of James Killam and Lincoln Brunner’s nifty Go Tell It is on sale at Amazon for $1.99.

I liked this book so much I reviewed it on my blog last month and on the Amazon site. Seriously, just get it.

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