I got home at 8:30 last night after a long day of work and family activities, warmed my dinner in the microwave, walked the dog and talked with one of my teenage boys. Bed was calling out her siren song but—

Bone-tired, I stay up
wash dishes, clean the kitchen
to say, “I love you.”

Long-term love isn’t roses and romantic evenings. It’s understanding what your spouse needs and then doing your best to meet those needs.

My wife’s main love language is “acts of service.” She feels loved when I’m doing things for her: keeping the cars fueled, taking out the trash (without being reminded five times), putting the kids to bed, being “present” and available when I’m at home. She hears “I love you” when I’m serving her and our family.

I don’t do this perfectly (by any means) but I’m trying to pay attention and show my wife she’s important to me. Washing the dinner dishes—when I’d rather go to bed—and not leaving a mess until morning is a small way to do that.